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The Sports and Cultural Academy For Street Children

Financial Log

Please bear with us as we update our record-keeping system.  We want all interested parties to see the entirety of our financial situation.

We are making the transition to an accrual accounting system.  All numbers in GHS.  We are now listing both cash and material donations and expenses, although we have not listed volunteer time as a donation.  School Meals, School Supplies, and Office Supplies are considered used and expensed when they need to be rebought.

If you need a more detailed copy of our accounts, please contact us at 

January 2012

Street Academy Finances January 2012

Posted 4 March, 2012:

This month, our cash situation improved, even though our net income is still negative.  This difference was largely because our staff agreed for a second month to work with deferred pay except for transport reimbursement, and all three upper level staff worked for no pay.  PPE is currently considered an expense account (therefore no depreciation), but will be corrected with annual, straight-line depreciation in February.  Several larger beginning of year one-time expenses for PPE and Office Supplies will not need to be repeated in future months.

February's finances and January's balance sheet to follow.

 Net Income
 Totals  (336.32)
 2071.20 1734.88
 School Meals
 Wages (650.00)
 1650 1000
 Utilities  (55.00) 55 
 School Supplies  28.00 6 34
 Office Supplies (74.00)
 PPE (63.00)
 Donations 700.88


Disbursements Receipts
 Change 267.18 471.20 738.38
 School Meals
 (217.20) 217.2 
 Wages (50) 50 
 Utilities (55) 55 
 School Supplies
 (6) 6 
 Transport (6) 6 
 Office Supplies
 (74) 74 
 PPE (63) 63 
 Donations 738.38  738.38