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Sponsorship of 22 children to the formal school .2012/2013 Academic year

Posted by Ataa Lartey on August 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM

The NGO is sending 22 children to the formal school at the begining of the next academy year which starts early september,2012. The placement list for these children has been released by the Ghana education service . The Ghana Education service supports us by placing  street children in schools   at the end of every year.  The 22 children went through extra tution or vacation classes during the summer vacation period. This exercise is not only to ensure that  the children are adequately prepared for the fomal school curriculum but also to prevent street adults from using  the children to their advantage during the recess period . Besides ,the children get focused on the challengges ahead of them in the formal school and how they are going to cope with them.

The children must be provided with school suppliers like exercise books, pens , pencils,erasers,bags,uniforms ,shoes . We therefore call on all friends of the street academy ,past volunteers , every well wisher out there  to support this worthy course.

Donate exercise books ,and pen or eraser to help these children have basic education which is their right to have.

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