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A 13 year old deaf boy gets sponsorship to pursue education

Posted by George Ashie on May 11, 2012 at 5:10 PM

During the annual need-based assessment programme conducted at the

beginning of each academic year, the school identified one

thirteen-year old needy and deaf boy. This assessment exercise is a

tool by which management identifies really needy children for

consideration. The assessment team agreed to keep the boy in the

school for a while since they felt he would be better off staying in

the school rather than on the streets. This agreement was reached

considering the fact that the boy's situation was worse compared to

the other needy children. Not only is he needy, but also deaf and


After assessing him for a while, the teachers of the school suggested

to management that the boy be sent on sponsorship to a school for the

deaf. One of their arguments was that the boy found it difficult to

cope during class lessons because of his hearing and speaking

disabilities. They also opined that the presence of specially trained

instructors in a school for the deaf would make it easier for the boy

to cope since such specialist instructors were better equipped to

understand his peculiar situation and needs.

Another reason advanced by the regular school teachers for sending the

boy to a school for the deaf was that such schools usually had special

teaching and learning materials purposely designed for children with

disabilities. They were also of the opinion that such an environment

would help the boy to better express his feelings to management.

Consequently, management bought in the ideas of the teachers. This was

partly because of the organisation's own goals among which are to give

non-formal education and counseling to street children and to send

those of them who become docile and academic transformed to the

regular schools every year.

The management of the school, therefore, invited the boy's parents to

discuss how to help the boy and to inform them about some of the

interventions available to help him get formal education, to the

highest level possible.

After meeting with the boy's parents, the management of the N.G.O.

decided to seek a sponsorship for the boy. Fortunately, the

sponsorship was obtained so the boy could have his education at a

school ;for the deaf. The sponsorship as granted by Mr Steve Sakyi who

works with Videophone Ghana, includes school fees, a school bag, a

school uniform, a Friday-wear, shoes, books and a pair of PE pants.

The  school [streetacademy] took the boy to an assessment center at 

Achimota Accra for him to go through  assessment .This process is  

considered part of the admission process of the  school for the deaf.

Management is still working on this case and at the right time will publish 

whatever will transpire...



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