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New Partnership with ComputeReach

Posted by Ataa Lartey on April 12, 2012 at 8:45 AM

The Street Academy has started a new partnership with ComputeReach of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  ComputeReach sends refurbished Apple and Linux computers loaded with educational software to nonprofits around the world.  At the end of March, ComputeReach sent us 5 Ubuntu linux laptops loaded with Edubuntu!  Already, our students are taking advantage of computer lessons, including a challenge to beat their computer teacher at typing speed by the end of the month.


Edubuntu is completely free!  Check out Edubuntu's site below for a list of the apps our children are using.  Stay tuned here and on our facebook page for pictures and videos!

We would also like to thank ComputeReach's partners:


Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania:

Apple Volunteers of Pittsburgh and Ohio:

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