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children to play a friendly football match soon

Posted by George Ashie on September 17, 2012 at 5:00 PM

The STREET ACADEMY  children will play a football match with AlSYD ACADEMY . AlSYD  ACADEMY  is one of the high class private schools  in Ghana. Few weeks from now , the match will come on. We are hoping that the encounter between the two institutions   would turn up to  be  a yearly event to  help strengthen the relationship between the two institutions and also create a conducive  atmosphere for the children to socialize with each other and make more friends.

The staff and volunteers of the school have decided to have one excursion or educational trip this first term of the academic year( 2012/2013) for the 94 children. However, the place of visit is yet to be announced  The last  educational trip which happened in (november,2011)  was to nestle Ghana LTD . manufacturers of soft drinks and milk.


A new academic year (2012/2013) has started

Posted by George Ashie on September 9, 2012 at 7:20 PM

The children are back from recess for a begining of a new academic year . 22 children have been sent to the formal school on sponsoship  at the begining of this academic year.However, the organization is still providing school supplies to the 22 children and other children who are already in the formal school on sponsorsship as donations come in .

The organization is also having its yearly enrolment exercise . The criteria for selecting


a child for enrolment  is based on need.  children and  guardian of children are engaged in discussions, answer a few  questions to find out if they are really needy children before they are considered for enrolment.




Sponsorship of 22 children to the formal school .2012/2013 Academic year

Posted by Ataa Lartey on August 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM

The NGO is sending 22 children to the formal school at the begining of the next academy year which starts early september,2012. The placement list for these children has been released by the Ghana education service . The Ghana Education service supports us by placing  street children in schools   at the end of every year.  The 22 children went through extra tution or vacation classes during the summer vacation period. This exercise is not only to ensure that  the children are adequately prepared for the fomal school curriculum but also to prevent street adults from using  the children to their advantage during the recess period . Besides ,the children get focused on the challengges ahead of them in the formal school and how they are going to cope with them.

The children must be provided with school suppliers like exercise books, pens , pencils,erasers,bags,uniforms ,shoes . We therefore call on all friends of the street academy ,past volunteers , every well wisher out there  to support this worthy course.

Donate exercise books ,and pen or eraser to help these children have basic education which is their right to have.


Posted by Ataa Lartey on August 9, 2012 at 5:35 PM

The summer project organized yearly by Akosia with childrenfrom the street academy is going on at the street academy.. The summer project gives the less fortunate children in our society the opportunity to learn film acting skills with  help from instructors who are volunteers from abroad . About forty children from the street academy are involved in this  summer Akosia project. Thi is a four week programme starting from the 6th of Ausust. The children are expected to produce two quality movies at the end of the four week period which will be shown  free in the community where the children live. 


A 13 year old deaf boy gets sponsorship to pursue education

Posted by George Ashie on May 11, 2012 at 5:10 PM

During the annual need-based assessment programme conducted at the

beginning of each academic year, the school identified one

thirteen-year old needy and deaf boy. This assessment exercise is a

tool by which management identifies really needy children for

consideration. The assessment team agreed to keep the boy in the

school for a while since they felt he would be better off staying in

the school rather than on the streets. This agreement was reached

considering the fact that the boy's situation was worse compared to

the other needy children. Not only is he needy, but also deaf and


After assessing him for a while, the teachers of the school suggested

to management that the boy be sent on sponsorship to a school for the

deaf. One of their arguments was that the boy found it difficult to

cope during class lessons because of his hearing and speaking

disabilities. They also opined that the presence of specially trained

instructors in a school for the deaf would make it easier for the boy

to cope since such specialist instructors were better equipped to

understand his peculiar situation and needs.

Another reason advanced by the regular school teachers for sending the

boy to a school for the deaf was that such schools usually had special

teaching and learning materials purposely designed for children with

disabilities. They were also of the opinion that such an environment

would help the boy to better express his feelings to management.

Consequently, management bought in the ideas of the teachers. This was

partly because of the organisation's own goals among which are to give

non-formal education and counseling to street children and to send

those of them who become docile and academic transformed to the

regular schools every year.

The management of the school, therefore, invited the boy's parents to

discuss how to help the boy and to inform them about some of the

interventions available to help him get formal education, to the

highest level possible.

After meeting with the boy's parents, the management of the N.G.O.

decided to seek a sponsorship for the boy. Fortunately, the

sponsorship was obtained so the boy could have his education at a

school ;for the deaf. The sponsorship as granted by Mr Steve Sakyi who

works with Videophone Ghana, includes school fees, a school bag, a

school uniform, a Friday-wear, shoes, books and a pair of PE pants.

The  school [streetacademy] took the boy to an assessment center at 

Achimota Accra for him to go through  assessment .This process is  

considered part of the admission process of the  school for the deaf.

Management is still working on this case and at the right time will publish 

whatever will transpire...



Event with JCI

Posted by Ataa Lartey on April 12, 2012 at 8:50 AM

The JCI (Junior Chamber International) Worldwide President is coming to Ghana, and will participate in two events with our children.  The first, on 12 April, 2012, will include Street Academy dancers performing traditional Ghanaian dances.  The second will be a football match with our children at the Street Academy grounds on 14 April, 2012.

New Partnership with ComputeReach

Posted by Ataa Lartey on April 12, 2012 at 8:45 AM

The Street Academy has started a new partnership with ComputeReach of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  ComputeReach sends refurbished Apple and Linux computers loaded with educational software to nonprofits around the world.  At the end of March, ComputeReach sent us 5 Ubuntu linux laptops loaded with Edubuntu!  Already, our students are taking advantage of computer lessons, including a challenge to beat their computer teacher at typing speed by the end of the month.


Edubuntu is completely free!  Check out Edubuntu's site below for a list of the apps our children are using.  Stay tuned here and on our facebook page for pictures and videos!

We would also like to thank ComputeReach's partners:


Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania:

Apple Volunteers of Pittsburgh and Ohio:

The children prepares for examination

Posted by george on April 11, 2012 at 12:40 AM

 The children will write examination from 15th april to 17th april 2012 .The children will write mathemtics , english language[ reading and writing] ,ICT ,Science and Creative arts,   However ,our  non-formal education  we give these special group  of children  is different from the institutionalised, chronologically graded and hierarchically structured nature of the formal education system. Teaching and learning are  very flexibly and slow to go according to their pace or  their learning styles.

Fifteen children will be sponsord to the formal school at the end of this academic year.  These children will be going through extra tution to prepare them adequately to join the formal school,

Street Academy programme for 2012

Posted by george ashie on January 26, 2012 at 6:25 AM

                                              These are the major programme line up for 2012

   PROGRAMME    / ACTIVITY                                                                                                             DATE  

1. FOOTBALL MATCH WITH OLD BLACK STARS                                                        MARCH 10TH 2012

3.HEALTH  WALK                                                                                                                 JULY 14TH 2012

4.ANNUAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE                                                                           JULY 29TH 2012     


  FOOTBALL MATCH WITH THE OLD STARS;   The street academy children will play a football match with the old black stars team. This is an annual programme/event  that comes off during the second week of march. The children will get the opportunity   of  socializing with some of their role models in the field of sports.They will also get inspirational speech and a word of advice from the old stars at the end of the programme .

HEALTH WALK ; The children and staff will walk through the principal streets of Accra where these less fortunate children are usually found. This years event is aimed specifically at creating advocacy / awareness of streetism and the plight of a marginalized child.

ANNUAL THANKSGIViNG  SERVICE ; After a successful programme at the street academy, it is important  for the children who are waiting to be sent to the formal school on sponsorship after graduating from the street academy to share some quality time at church with God.  During this years programme, the pators and bishops will counsel the children and have a word of prayer with them.

2011 Christmas party for children

Posted by Ataa Lartey on January 16, 2012 at 1:40 AM

Three different organizations /instution organized chrismas parties for the children of streetacademy .These are vodaphone, pro-design,and also the Global rivival ministry international church  on the 19th,21st and 24th of december respectively. 

The children had a good meal and also danced with members of some of these sponsors .The Director of street academy , Mr Ataa lartey thanked the sponsors for spending some time with the children during christmas.  In another developement,  The management of the school organised  another party for the children on the 26th and 31st on december 2011.

The children are back from  recess period .Teaching and learning and other programmes are on-going at the moment.